Love Came So Red | Simin Behbahani | Ali Salami

The Alley | Fereydoun Moshiri | Ali Salami
October 21, 2019
Winter | Mehdi Akhavan Sales | Ali Salami
October 21, 2019

Love came so red

And though it came late

A red rose is growing in snow;

How wonderful!

Love, O love, O love

How far am I from the mountaintop?

How shaky my feet are!

How old my hands are!

O friend, I dread

Lest a breeze begin to blow

Love, a reflection of doubt

Is floating on the pond.

The equator

Is the brooding ground for young cactuses.

I am a polar wilderness;

My chest is an arctic zone.

So spacious is my cocoon

And so swollen seems my belly!

The passion to fly

Surges in the breast of the prisoner here.

The passion to fly …. But its wings, its wings

Rotted in their cocoon.

It’s late. Late. It’s late now.

The woman who blithely went

Away with an armful of faith

Now dwells in the poverty of disbelief;

The woman who skipped round

In the manner of a doe

Is so calm and

Meek as a lamb.

The woman who wore

Earrings of pride

Like a rainbow

Now draws her head into her shell

A timid humiliated soul.


O Love! O red torch!

My ashen despair

Reflects the last glow of your fire!

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