The Alley | Fereydoun Moshiri | Ali Salami

The Boat | Nima Yushij | Ali Salami
October 21, 2019
Love Came So Red | Simin Behbahani | Ali Salami
October 21, 2019

I walked through the alley again on a moonlit night

My body, a pair of eyes seeking your sight

My soul, a cup brimming with your desire

I was again the same frantic lover on fire


Deep in my soul, the rose of your memory gleamed

The garden of a hundredfold memory beamed.


The scent of a hundredfold memory wafted in the air.

I paced through the alley, an experience with you to share

Arm in arm, we walked in solitude tender and fair.


We sat awhile by the brook,

Within your black eyes, the secret of world you took,

And I, enthralled by the panorama of your look.


Sky serene, night still,

Fortune smiling, Time tranquil.

Within water, Grapes of moon were falling,

Arms of branches to the Moon were calling.

Night, mead, flower, rock and vale,

All enraptured by the song of the nightingale.


You said, “Avoid love!” I recall

“Let your eyes upon the brook fall.

“Water mirrors love, transient and short.”

“Today with another amorous glance you disport.


“Your heart to others will bend tomorrow.

“Forget love and leave this town of sorrow!”


“Avoid love? I cannot

“Go away from you? I cannot,

I cannot.


The first day, when my heart craved for your love

I perched on your roof like a dove,

Stones you pelted at me; I didn’t fly away,

I did not fall from above.


I said, “A hunter you are and I am a gazelle in plain.”

I roamed about to get in your trap glad and fain.

Avoid love? I cannot, I cannot.


A teardrop fell off the bough

Nightingale flew away with a bitter sough.

Tears quivered within your eye.

The Moon smiled at your love with a sigh!


From you I heard no words of relief.

Thus, I donned the robe of grief.

I did not go away. I did not fall apart.


Many a night has ever since passed in darkness of woe

You never sought any news of your lorn lover to know.

You will never again set foot in that alley though!


Through that alley I walked once again but in sorrow.

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